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LLC Promise Group provides loader services in Kiev and Ukraine.

All our employees do their business with great professionalism.

Services of loaders today are of great demand. But not all of them are suitable to fulfill the case with due


Our longshoremen carry out all the work in the shortest time reliably and securely to your things.

All of them are financially responsible.

For each client we select the most advantageous autotransportation terms.

Furthermore, our qualified longshoremen offer their services when you need to move office or apartment.

We provide a full package of services:

- dismantling;

- product packaging;

- autotransportation;

- furniture assemblage and installation.

If you want to keep your things safe you need to find a decent and worthy company. Contact us - and our

experienced staff will carry out your move at the highest level.

Loader services: 1 hour/1 pers - 55 UAH (incl. VAT);

minimum order - 2 hours.

Furniture assemblage: 1 hour/1 pers - 60 UAH (incl. VAT);

minimum order - 2 hours.

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