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The company Promise Group provides services of responsible storage of cargoes (pallet storage) in the

warehouses in Kiev. Warehouses are fully in compliance with standards which are put forward to the

conditions of proper storage of goods, formalization of access roads, relevant handling operations service.

Warehouse rent price:

40-60 UAH per 1 sq.m (incl VAT).


Custody service price:

35-45 UAN per 1 sq.m. (incl VAT).



Working hours:

Mon - Fri
from 9:00 till 18:00

tel. (044) 383-92-26
(067) 770-12-08

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If you don't have time to unload your cargo in Kiev and you have already had another load this task can perform LLC Promise Group.

You leave the cargo at our warehouse and we deliver it to the destination point.


Cargo handover is documented.

LLC Promise Group takes the full responsibility for its keeping.