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Appraiser's visit helps to organize freight transportation properly and economically.

Our specialist will take into account all your needs, plan the scope of work, supervise the work process from cover to cover.

If that is an office relocation our appraiser will help to organize such carriage of the office furniture and equipment so that all your company's working processes will not be affected.

The main task of the office relocation - to do it as soon as possible.
The appraiser is liable to the client for the safety of the cargo because whereby office moving an expensive office equipment, documentation, and safety deposit boxes are transported. He will calculate the right amount of vehicles and loaders and think over the route.

Whereby flat moving thу appraiser will consider the following works:
- dismantling and assembling of furniture;
- furniture and belongings packaging;
- transportation of furniture (including pianos and cabinets);
- human handling of bulky cargoes up to your door.

Appraiser services in our company are free of charge (Kiev).